This is how things are going in Indonesia. Right now, at this very moment…


million people
live in poverty


million people have
no proper education


million kids
live on the street


of those kids
in Jakarta only

We’re on a mission to change this! And that is why, our vision is “to inspire a generation of underprivileged children to fulfill their dreams and influence the world with this legacy”.
Welcome to Belajar Bersama Sjors!

Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves, what moves us and why we do what we do!



We are campaigning to continuously help under-privileged and less fortunate kids. We want to give them a little push towards a better future, because that’s often all they need, a little nudge in the right direction! With the right guidance, safe environment, a chance to relax, good education and above all, inspiration, these kids will go further than they could ever dream of. And that’s exactly what we are driven to do. But, we can’t do all of this alone, we need help. And that means from you too!

Pursuing our motto; ‘learn to inspire and inspiring to learn’, our mission is to support underprivileged kids by offering them inspirational and educational tools to help them create their dreams and work towards a hopeful future. We have been active in Jakarta since 2011 and we are planning to expand our project locations to other parts of Indonesia including Sumatra, Ambon and Bali. Further, we also seek to collaborate with local organisations and pioneers from other parts of the world to reach out to as many underprivileged kids as possible.

The Belajar Bersama Sjors Foundation is founded by two friends Georges Hilaul and Jenny Tjoa. Georges, who is born and raised in the Netherlands and worked as an entrepreneur, teacher and magician, moved to Indonesia after seeing the poor condition of many underprivileged children in his father’s home country and decided that he wanted to do something about this. Jenny, also an entrepreneur grew up witnessing the poverty in her country. After living many years abroad, she too decided to move back to Indonesia and support a cause. A short acquaintance between them grew into friendship sharing the similar dream to help as many unfortunate kids as possible around the world. Georges and Jenny then embarked on their journey using their skills and experiences to create programs which would help them realise their dream. A year later, The Belajar Bersama Sjors Foundation was born.

We achieve our mission through a holistic program using our own combination of ‘8 tools’ where the overall wellbeing of a child is fulfilled.



Providing the right environment and school materials to encourage and support a proper education.


Inviting special guests who share their inspiring stories to give them hope and dreams.


Protect their health by providing health care service, doctor visits and hygiene lessons.


Organizing sport activities to encourage team spirit, body exercise and to refresh their minds.

Creativity and Music

Improve art skills and fine motoric development with music workshops and creative activities.


Celebrate all public holidays and birthdays to give them a special day full of fun and joy.


Take them out for refreshing, educational and inspiring day trips, to show the world outside their slums.

Super mom

Involve the mothers; make them part of the projects and give them responsibilities during the activities.

Alright, you might be curious… these are our statistics so far…


Project locations


Kids got inspired


Backpacks given out


Hospital bills have been paid

On a daily basis, we believe in giving our best to accomplish our mission and work towards our vision.
This is how our days look like…


Febri’s trauma
Medicines during the floods
Time to play in Pondok Kacang
Back to school in Pondok Kacang
Hygiene starts with the basics
Baby Seno and his boiled water
The ‘knalpot’ wound
Teaching next to the train rail
Gips for Yoga
Fahmi’s milk
The dream of Yanti
Home school for garbage children
Devi and the rat
Asti head wound
Teaching under the highway

“Can you imagine how strong we will be and the impact we can make if we work together?”

Check it out and join #TeamSjors today!



School fundraising

Organizing a bazaar, sweat it out during a triathlon or sell home made cup cakes are just a few of the hundreds of ideas which can be used at schools to raise funds for our children!

More info

Corporate support

When your company has a CSR Program, likes to organize fundraising events or is willing to donate it’s products, knowledge or services, never hesitate to contact us!

More info

Become a volunteer

Do you live near one of our project locations? Or are you visiting one during your holiday? Join the excitement and share some time, energy and love with our children!

More info

Everything we have done so far, could not been realized without the help of our awesome friends! They support us with tools, services and funds and we are extremely grateful for that!

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Menara BCA – lt. 50
Jl. MH Thamrin 1
Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
Phone: 021 23 58 46 04

(Sunday 9AM – 12AM)
Jembatan Tiga,
Pluit, Jakarta
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