24 September 2015 Georges Hilaul

’12 Minutes’ teaches us to never give up!



For the second time Cinema 21 collaborated with a foundation called Belajar Bersama Sjors (BBS) to hold an event, watching movie together (Nobar, Indonesian acronym) in Emporium Pluit Mall XXI. This time, the movie which was chosen has motivational message for the children to achieve their dreams; 12 Menit: Kemenangan Untuk Selamanya (2014), 12 Minutes: Victory Forever.

The selection of this movie was basically BBS‘ commitment that wanted this event not only become a means of entertainment but also education and motivation for the kids. Furthermore, at the moment BBS encourages a programme for their pupils with the tagline “Aku Anak Indonesia dan Aku Punya Mimpi” – “I’m Indonesian Child and I have a Dream”.


This is certainly in line with CINEMA 21 which routinely invites underprivileged children under the guidance of foundations or the other to watch together. This event was greatly beneficial to give them entertainment and also education at the same time..


The Nobar event went on livelier. Approximately more than 230 children from the foundation which was founded by Dutch nationality man, Georges Hilaul, had already gathered at the cinema’s lobby since 09.00 WIB – Western Indonesian Time, Sunday (20/9). A Few minutes later, they started to enter Studio 3 and 4 Emporium Pluit Mall XXI enthusiastically and enjoying inspirational and motivational story from the movie 12 Menit: Kemenangan Untuk Selamanya (2014).


According to Jenny Tjoa, as the co-founder of BBS, the movie which was watched this time was a movie that is in accordance with a programme promoted by BBS at the moment. They want their children not only be able to achieve their dreams but also actively spread their dreams to other children. “The focus of our programme is for the children to spread the dreams. So, they aware that they deserve to have dreams,” she said.


“Our foundation’s campaign is, ‘Aku Anak Indonesia dan Aku Punya Mimpi’, this is really fit with the movie. So, it can give inspiration to the kids of how to pursue their dreams , there’s a price to pay, those are hardworking, persevering, spirit, those should all present to pursue dreams.” Jenny added.


What Jenny expected turned out in line with what the BBS children felt after watching 12 Menit: Kemenangan Untuk Selamanya (2014). Sayra for example, she felt the benefit after watching that movie, “(The movie is) great, (We must) fight to achieve our own dreams,” she said.


Similar to Sayra, Wini felt the same way. She thinks the movie, which is starred by Titi Rajo Bintang , taught her to never give up to reach her dreams. She especially likes the character of Elaine (Amanda Sutanto), who she considered bold to achieve her dreams, although she had to go against her father.


“I want to be like Elaine, chase my dreams until achieve them. Although her father didn’t allow her, she (Elaine) kept trying to be what she wanted,” said Wini.


In the future, CINEMA 21 will continually commit in holding similar events, so Indonesian children can certainly get quality entertainment and be inspired from positive stories and inspirational. This article has been translated from it’s original, published at the website of CINEMA 21, and can be found HERE.