24 November 2015 Georges Hilaul

The movie of loving Indonesia


For the third time, CINEMA 21 and Yayasan BBS (Belajar Bersama Sjors) collaborated to arrange a “Nobar” / “Nonton Bersama” (Watch Movies Together) at Emporium Pluit Mall XXI. In this very occasion, the chosen movie was a production of Falcon Pictures titled “Para Pemburu Gajah” (The Elephant Hunters), Year 2014. The movie was not randomly chosen, because both parties felt the need for Indonesian children to know and love their own country, Indonesia.

Besides that, that movie choice is basically the commitment of Yayasan BBS who wanted the Nobar event to educate and motivate the children, not just mere entertainment. This event also aligned with Cinema 21’s goal who has been making such Nobar event for underprivileged children, whether they belong to an organization or not. Such event is very useful not just to entertain them, but also educate them at the same time.


This third Nobar went as ecstatic as the previous ones. More than 180 kids from the Organization established by Georges Hilaul and Jenny Tjoa already gathered at the Cinema’s lobby from 9.00 AM on Sunday, 22 November 2015. Not long after, they entered Emporioum Pluit Mall XXI Studio 3 and 4 with high enthusiasm and in orderly fashion to enjoy the thrilling adventures of ‘The Elephant Hunters’ (2014).

Jenny, as the co-founder of BBS, expressed her feeling that the movie watched in this third Nobar event had been arranged with their current programs for the BBS children. They planned to have four times in a year each with different themes. Hence, each movie will be adjusted with the ongoing themes.


“Our programs will be divided into four themes each year. So, we planned to bring the kids to the Cinema for each theme. Our last theme was ‘Create Your Dreams’. This time, the theme is ‘Love Indonesia’,” Jenny explained in between the Nobar event held by BBS Organization at Emporium Pluit Mall XXI, North Jakarta, Sunday (22/11).

“So, we bring them to Cinema for every theme, give them awareness and at the same time they get inspiration according to the existing topic. In my opinion, this movie (The Elephant Hunters) is very fitting because of two things. One, it’s about animal wildlife, save elephants, that is a part where you can contribute to Indonesia. Two, it’s about friendship. So, in respond to the campaign of this foundation, a good friendship will lead you to a good purpose,” Jenny continued.


From now on, CINEMA 21 itself will keep committed to hold similar events so that the children of Indonesia can have quality entertainment and become inspired with positive and inspiring values from the movies. This article has been translated from the original version which is published by CINEMA 21 on their website. Read the original version HERE.