24 February 2016 Georges Hilaul

An inspirational movie about family at Cinema XXI!


As a form of commitment to present not only entertaining films but also education-filled at the same time, CINEMA 21 and BBS Foundation (Belajar Bersama Sjors) are back in collaboration with their program “Nonton Bersama” at Emporium Pluit Mall XXI. This is the fourth collaboration done by both parties.

In this occasion, the movie “Ambilkan Bulan (2012)” was chosen to inspire BBS students. The film choice, made by Mizan Production and Falcon Pictures itself, was planned and made sure to fit with the theme brought up by BBS Foundation, that is ‘Cinta Keluarga’ (Love Your Family). According to Jenny Tjoa, co-founder of BBS, the choice had also been discussed with CINEMA 21.

“The consideration to watch ‘Ambilkan Bulan (2012)’ was based on discussion with CINEMA 21, especially with Ms. Catherine Keng, who suggested this movie. She said ‘it fits’ (with the theme). Of course, before the discussion we already told about our vision and mission of this trip, that is within our theme ‘Cinta Keluarga’. So the movie is suggested by both Ms. Cath and CINEMA 21,” said Jenny at Emporium Pluit Mall XXI, Sunday (21/2).


What is interesting from BBS Foundation is, beside deciding the theme and choosing the movie every time they visit to the cinema, they also assign their students to write what they have learned from the movie in a book called “DreamBook”.

“So after each trip to the Cinema, they need to write down what they have learned in the ‘DreamBook’. Every student was given what we called as ‘Buku Mimpi’ (DreamBook), where they write down ‘What did I do today and when, what movie do I watch and who inspired me, what did I learn and what are the actions I want to take’,” Jenny explained.


BBS Foundation itself is on their way to spread their wings and influence in Jakarta and outside Java. Jenny revealed that, soon, they will come to “Island of The Gods” (Bali). “There’s a little bit of good news, that our foundation is expanding our reach to some other locations inside and outside Java, in Jakarta and also out of Java island. Some locations, Bali for example, and we will also be in several other places,” she said.

The joy of this event “Nonton Bersama” was really felt by at least 130 students of BBS Foundation who filled in Studio 3 of Emporium Pluit Mall XXI. They are really satisfied and inspired by watching the movie “Ambilkan Bulan (2012)”. This was expressed by one of the students of BBS Foundation named Chika.

“The movie was great, creative, and the story is exciting!” Chika said. Not only that, she also expressed her admiration to the character of Amelia (from the movie) who was courageous in fulfilling her dream. “Brave, smart, and many more,” she said.


From this time forward, CINEMA 21 will keep their commitment to hold similar events so Indonesian children will get a high quality entertainment and get inspired by positive and inspirational stories. This article has been translated from the official post at the website of CINEMA 21, which can be found HERE.