An inspirational movie about family at Cinema XXI!


As a form of commitment to present not only entertaining films but also education-filled at the same time, CINEMA 21 and BBS Foundation (Belajar Bersama Sjors) are back in collaboration with their program “Nonton Bersama” at Emporium Pluit Mall XXI. This is the fourth collaboration done by both parties.

In this occasion, the movie “Ambilkan Bulan (2012)” was chosen to inspire BBS students. The film choice, made by Mizan Production and Falcon Pictures itself, was planned and made sure to fit with the theme brought up by BBS Foundation, that is ‘Cinta Keluarga’ (Love Your Family). According to Jenny Tjoa, co-founder of BBS, the choice had also been discussed with CINEMA 21.

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The movie of loving Indonesia


For the third time, CINEMA 21 and Yayasan BBS (Belajar Bersama Sjors) collaborated to arrange a “Nobar” / “Nonton Bersama” (Watch Movies Together) at Emporium Pluit Mall XXI. In this very occasion, the chosen movie was a production of Falcon Pictures titled “Para Pemburu Gajah” (The Elephant Hunters), Year 2014. The movie was not randomly chosen, because both parties felt the need for Indonesian children to know and love their own country, Indonesia.

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’12 Minutes’ teaches us to never give up!



For the second time Cinema 21 collaborated with a foundation called Belajar Bersama Sjors (BBS) to hold an event, watching movie together (Nobar, Indonesian acronym) in Emporium Pluit Mall XXI. This time, the movie which was chosen has motivational message for the children to achieve their dreams; 12 Menit: Kemenangan Untuk Selamanya (2014), 12 Minutes: Victory Forever.

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Belajar Bersama Sjors tebar benih gapai mimpi



Jakarta (ANTARA News) – “Kami ingin menabur benih agar anak-anak mau mengejar mimpi,” kata Jenny Tjoa, salah satu pendiri Yayasan Belajar Bersama Sjors di lapangan futsal kolong Jembatan Tiga, Pluit, Minggu.

Sekitar tiga ratus anak berumur 5-15 tahun berkumpul berdasarkan rentang usia di “kelas terbuka” yang dipisah berdasarkan spanduk bertulis tingkatan mereka, mulai dari kelas 1-7 ditambah kelas Bintang dan kelas Matahari.
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My Jakarta: Georges Hilaul, Sjors Foundation Founder


Georges Hilaul has built up quite an impressive resume at the age of just 28. He has run an event management company and an employment agency, had a stint designing marketing campaigns and even worked as a magician for 10 years. Born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands to an Indonesian father and Dutch mother, Georges has visited Indonesia since he was 4. He has now set up base in Jakarta to focus on his foundation, Stichting van Sjors (Sjors Foundation), which aims to help underprivileged and less fortunate children in Indonesia through education projects.

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