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The website is designed and developed by Brndpact ( All English text is written by Georges Hilaul and revised by Jenny Tjoa. All Indonesian text is translated by Nurharyanti Soewondo. The Dutch text is translated by Roana Luhulima. All of them did an incredible job by typing, editing and revising every single word. However, there could be some spellings mistakes or errors. The statistics mentioned at the top of the page are coming from Badan Pusat Statistik and can be found here. All promotional images; pictures and movie, are taken by Ruben Michael Butler for Platform84, exclusively for us, the Belajar Bersama Sjors Foundation. Therefor Platform84 owns the rights of each image together with us only. When you use one or more of these images, we would prefer you mention the following text: ‘Picture by Ruben Michael Butler for the Belajar Bersama Sjors Foundation’. Thank you!

The statistics mentioned at the top of the page are coming from Badan Pusat Statistik and can be found here.

Our first branch is established in the Netherlands under the name ‘Stichting van Sjors’ (which means ‘Sjors Foundation’), by Georges Hilaul. The ‘Stichting van Sjors’ is registered at the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam at July 12, 2012 under the registration number 55678513 and established by notary De Randamie & Verstoep; under document number 065619.01.01/AK/DC. The ‘Stichting van Sjors’ is ANBI registered, which means any donation can be deducted from your taxable income.

Our branch in Indonesia is established under the name ‘Yayasan Belajar Bersama Sjors’ (which means ‘Learn Together With Sjors’) by Jenny Tjoa and co-founded by Georges Hilaul. ‘Yayasan Belajar Bersama Sjors’ is registered with NPWP number 70.755.362.4-071.000 and established at September 10, 2014 by notary Unita Christina Winata, S.H. with notary number AHU-49.AH.02.02-Tahun 2011.


Branche: The Netherlands
Bank account name: Stichting van Sjors
Bank account number: NL45 INGB 0007.2121.30
Bank: ING Bank NV
Bank address: Middenbaan Noord 35 A, Hoogvliet, The Netherlands
Branche: Indonesia
Bank account name: Yayasan Belajar Bersama Sjors
Bank account number: 2063.900.001
Bank: Bank Central Asia
Bank address: Menara BCA – lt. 50, Jln. MH Thamrin 1, 10310 Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia


This is all the information we can provide you at this moment. If you would like to read our full foundations’ policy, our year reports from the past years or our complete foundations’ profile, you van download them in pdf formats below. Interested in working together with us? Check our job vacancies. If you have any other questions, please check if you can find your answer at our FAQ page or contact us, using the contact details or form below.


Would you like some more information? Do you want to volunteer? Or do you just want to say Hi? This is how you can get in touch with us!



Menara BCA – lt. 50
Jl. MH Thamrin 1
Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
Phone: 021 23 58 46 04


Postbus 122
3190 AC Hoogvliet, the Netherlands

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